Our Experience Shows

Patients who seek chiropractic care to maintain health and prevent dis-ease are happier and experience a significant reduction in pain, stress and interruption of their normal activities.

While seeking care when you are in pain is a normal consideration, it's EASIER TO MAINTAIN HEALTH THAN IT IS TO ACHIEVE IT.

Mason Ettinger, D.C. specializes in detecting postural imbalances that can lead to dis-ease. By training your body to handle the effects of GRAVITY, you will feel healthier, have more energy, be happier and those around you will take notice.

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"There is only one stable, strain-free arrangement of the parts of the human body.

Any variation from this orientation will require corresponding compensations in other parts of the support system.
Misalignment of any part will affect the whole system, and that restoration of VERTICALITY is a way to address a wide variety of clinical problems."   J Oschman